About us

Continuum is an innovative consultancy that helps investors maximise their returns by understanding and building the Human Capital Value of a business so that both the investor and the invested in company ‘achieve their ambitions’.

We work with VC’s, Private Equity Houses, Angels, Franchisors and Banks to identify, isolate, develop and measure the Human dynamics of the companies in which they invest.

Our services encompass the following:

  • Assistance with the selection of key executives and the blending together of effective teams
  • Understanding the growth requirements of the business and establishing and developing the potential and skills of people to achieve the goals required
  • Creation of effective culture and organisational structures – from Boards to Team Consulting
  • Creation of relevant and flexible reward packages
  • Delivery of Top Team mentoring and coaching
  • Creating the people policies and HR infrastructure to deliver the operational plan
  • Ensuring the organisation is ‘lean’ and capable of maximising the returns from its talent


Continuum’s team are experienced professionals, expert in blending best practice with proven tools and methodologies. Transferring knowledge to clients is fundamental to our philosophy and skillset. Our people demonstrate either significant successful experience as a business leader, or exceptional specialist knowledge, or both.

Examples of these talents include: leaders and entrepreneurs with a track record of growth and success (Board-level operators such as Chairman, CEOs, COOs and NEDs), and subject matter experts (go-to-market, human capital, innovation, strategy, business development, investment funding and futurology).

We welcome the stronger outcomes that come from having very different people working in a team, and so specifically plan to include a high degree of diversity. We are skilled and experienced in marshalling these resources for maximum creativity and possibility.

Any client engagement is led by a Continuum principal, ensuring the highest levels of attention and experience.

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