Continuum Due Diligence for Bridges Evergreen’s investment in Reflexions

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Once again Continuum has worked with the team at Bridges Ventures. Our latest Human Capital Due Diligence consultation assisted Bridges Evergreen fund managers with their decision to back New Reflexions with a £6m investment for the expansion of its successful residential care model.

Steve Wycherley, Director at Continuum, said:

‘It was a pleasure to meet with Greg D’Arcy-Watson and his team at New Reflexions in Shropshire. They fully engaged with our human due diligence process. Bridges Ventures have set up an exciting new fund with Bridges Evergreen and it was great to be engaged to help them in their decision making again.

‘Following our comprehensive report and feedback to the team at Bridges and also to New Reflexions on the results of the human due diligence process, we wish them well in their expansion.’

About Continuum

Continuum is an organisation development firm focusing on helping our clients to liberate human potential, to deliver value and achieve ambitions more rapidly. The main areas of our business are Human Due Diligence, Talent Assessment, Organisation Development and People Development.

Over the past year we have been engaged on numerous occasions by Private Equity firms to provide human due diligence in their investment process.

We are currently working on a number of investment opportunities with Private Equity firms which, if successful, will be announced later in the year.

About Bridges Evergreen Holdings

Bridges Evergreen Holdings is a new kind of investment vehicle, designed to free ambitious mission-led businesses from the constraints of traditional fund structures.

  • It will look to back profit-with-purpose companies, public sector spin-outs, social sector organisations and employee-owned businesses.
  • It is structured as a holding company rather than a fund so it can provide ongoing support over the long term, with no exit requirement.
  • In addition to financial capital, it will also offer strategic, operational and impact management support plus access to the specialist networks of the Bridges team

About New Reflexions

Reflexion Care Group Limited (‘New Reflexions’) is a specialist residential children’s home provider based in Shropshire. It provides short, medium and long term residential care to young people who for are either unable or unwilling to live within a family setting. New Reflections operates 17 children’s care homes, 4 response homes and one specialist school.



If you want further information on how Continuum can contribute to the Human Capital Due Diligence in your investment process please contact us.