Continuum’s Human Due Diligence for Tenzing Private Equity on Converge investment

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Continuum provided the Human Due Diligence support to Tenzing Private Equity in their recent investment in Converge TS.

Steve Wycherley, Director at Continuum, said:

‘We were delighted to work again with Tenzing and to meet with Nigel Wright and Andrew Taylor at Converge in Darebury Park. We wish them well with the future.’

About Continuum

Continuum is an organisation development firm focusing on helping our clients to liberate human potential, to deliver value and achieve ambitions more rapidly. The main areas of our business are Human Due Diligence, Talent Assessment, Organisation Development and People Development. Over the past year we have been engaged byTenzing Private Equity and a number of other Private Equity firms to provide human due diligence in their investment process and we are currently working on a number of projects that have yet to be finalised.

Our Due Diligence process includes meeting with all the senior management and all key individuals (and sometimes all staff as required) across the organisation.  We use our methodology to provide a comprehensive report on the key individuals, the team and the organisation covering capability, growth potential, team dynamics and human risks.

Our process findings have been used successfully as input for investment companies as well as for organisations not in the investment process who are, nevertheless, looking to improve the return on their human capital.

If you want further information on how Continuum can contribute to the Human Capital Due Diligence in your investment process please contact us.

If you are not in any investment cycle but want further information on how we can help your organisation maximise their human capital and people development please contact us.